The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 2nd December 2019 – Enliven the Streets

What is the local high street like where you live? Is it a bustling, busy place to be, or are you seeing more empty and boarded up buildings than before?

This week’s challenge is part of the exhibition programme for Brilliant or Bonkers? Counterculture in 70’s Bath. The team at the Museum of Bath at Work are looking at street panoramas in Bath and other small towns and cities that reflect the changing times of our high streets.

“Our street landscapes are being reshaped as many small shops close and we lose in particular the local businesses that create our community. We think we need to be paying attention to how this will affect our culture and asking questions about new concepts for shop premises on our streets to increase community engagement.”

Visit or try to picture a street near to where you live, and document what you notice around you. What can you see? Are there empty shops, and boarded up premises, or do you see a vibrant town centre? Photograph, create a sketch, and document your surroundings. Get creative! What would you add to your perfect high street? What memories do you associate with your high street? 

If you have more time … 
What would you do with an empty shop? How would you use that space to increase community connection, and enliven the streets?

What has this week’s challenge made you think about or notice in your local streets? What would you like to see on your high street?

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