The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 2nd August 2021 – Shape Sensation

This week our challenge has been set by Jess Thom aka Touretteshero

Jess was one of our three brilliant collaborators in January 2021, and we are excited to welcome her back to lead this week’s Have Your Say group. A creative networking group for those that identify as Disabled, d/Deaf, neurodiverse, chronically ill, with mental health needs and non disabled PA’s.


In the lead up to The January Challenge 2022  we are working with communities across the UK to create the campaign, beginning with our ‘Have Your Say’ series of …of creative networking groups. 

To find out more about upcoming groups and to sign up, visit:


Give shape to a sensation that you feel.

“Drawing has been an important way for me to understand, express and manage chronic pain.” Use any medium to represent a sensation that you feel. It could be a drawing, poem, sculpture or something else! Try this process with different sensations or with the same sensation over several days.


If you have more time

How many ways can you interpret your sensation? You could try drawing, creating a mini sculpture, moving your body…how different are your results?



Has your creative response made you think about your sensation in a new way? 



Share your responses online with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists – or keep it for yourself and your inspiration…