The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 29th November 2021 – Make and Decorate

This week Art Star brings a challenge to get in the mood for the holiday season…


Art Star makes colourful craft kits and paper decorations. Founder Jo Hill is on a mission to make it easy for you to create beautiful and sustainable decorations for your home, making the everyday a celebration!


Make a festive decoration from leftover paper. 

Find some scrap paper, this could be pages from a magazine or the paper wrapping from some groceries. Cut the paper into pieces, strips, circles, anything you like. Use small dots of glue or sticky tape, experiment with joining, twisting and curving the pieces of paper to see what shapes you can come up with. Can you join different pieces together to create a larger object? 

Thread your decoration and hang it up somewhere so you can start feeling excited about the festive season.


If you have more time

Why not try decorating the paper first, maybe get your hands dirty and have a go at potato stamping – it’s incredibly relaxing and not just for kids!



How did it make you feel to get absorbed in the process of making something?

How could you use leftover materials to make other things?



Get your family, friends or colleagues involved. You could make some decorations together!

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