The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 29th April 2019 – It’s Not Your Birthday But…

This week’s Challenge is set by It’s Not Your Birthday But…,champions of the lost art of letter writing, who connect people through letters, words and visual arts. They work in community settings such as schools, prisons, care homes, hospices and hospitals to encourage people to explore their own creativity, challenge assumptions that may be made about them and to share what’s important or helpful to them.

Write a letter sharing an experience you’ve had and offering advice to someone who may be going through something similar. Post your letter to the INYBB team, for them to distribute to someone who might benefit from it. What did you learn and what is the most useful advice you can share? We sometimes forget how amazing, inspiring and resilient human beings can be when facing difficult situations in life, from bereavement to moving to a new area, being a new parent or carer to suffering from anxiety or living with an illness. Sharing lived experience of something can offer support, hope and positivity to others and make a real difference to helping them through something similar. Put an experience you’ve had, big, small or life changing, into words and share them with someone who needs them.

Here is exactly what to do:

– Write or type a letter sharing an experience you’ve had.

– Address it to a ‘Friend’ (after all strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet!) and sign off as a ‘Friend’ or just using your first name. Do not include your surname or any personal or contact details in your letter.

If you need help with buying a stamp, please let us know and they will post one to you.

– We’ll send your original letter to someone who needs it and will benefit from it as well as use it on our website and social media channels. We’ll work with community groups and charities to ensure the letters reach the right people. By sending us your letter you are giving us permission to use and distribute it as outlined above and in any way we feel will benefit others.

– Post your letter to It’s Not Your Birthday But…, The Old Bank House, 26 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Surrey KT10 0SR during our campaign period, Monday 29th April to Sunday 5th May 2019. If you need longer to write your letter, that’s fine too. We welcome letters up to Friday 31st May 2019.

Would you like to receive a letter? Fill in this short form and detail what you would like to receive a letter about, and your address.


If you have more time …
If you wish you can decorate your letter and/or your envelope. Check out the It’s Not Your Birthday But… website and see below for some Mail Art inspiration.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to somebody? Who do you turn to when you want support or guidance? How did you find this process?

Share your letters by sending them to It’s Not Your Birthday But… at the address above. You can share your letter as you wish on Social Media – show us your Mail Art, or share your words – it’s completely up to you! Use the hashtags #INYBB and #64MillionArtists

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