The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge – 27th May 2019

There are more than 64 Million everyday artists in the UK (and 7.7 billion in the whole world!) – and all of them have unique experiences, skills, talents and stories to tell.  This week’s Challenge invites you to take a closer look at the everyday and the people that make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Celebrate your everyday heroes! Think about the people and characters in your life and in the world around you – family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, strangers, celebrities or even a character in a book you’re reading – and take the time to celebrate the actions and behaviours that you think makes them a hero.

You could choose a hero of the week or choose a hero for each day of your week!

It could be the person who smiled at you on the bus, somebody you had an inspiring conversation with, somebody you read about in the news…who knows what could happen? There’s a lot of room for heroism in a whole week!

Find a creative way to share your heroes – a quick sketch, a small tribute, a random act of kindness inspired by your hero? It’s over to you, Challengers.

If you have more time …
‘The Things You Do For Others Remain Your Legacy’ KALU NDUKWE KALU

Check out this Wonderwall blog from, of people doing extraordinary things across the world for charities and causes. Check back for weekly sparks of good news and everyday heroism!

What makes your ‘ordinary’ extraordinary? What inspires, motivates and uplifts you everyday? Who are you a hero to?

Celebrate your heroes loudly and proudly! Share with thousands of Challengers across the country using #EverydayHeroes #64MillionArtists

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