The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 26th July 2021 – Get Moving

It’s the second week of our Have Your Say, creative networking groups!

A series of sessions where we invite participants to connect through creativity and ‘Have Your Say’ on what a great January Challenge could look and be like.

Find out more about The January Challenge and why we are running these sessions here.


Chris Rolls is leading this week’s group, open to those who identify as men.

We are interested in men’s views on creativity and mental health. Do you have experience of creativity as a support for your mental wellbeing? Join us this Wednesday.

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Move in a new way! Can you move your body in a way you haven’t tried before – have a dance in your kitchen or an unusual place, walk down a new street or try a new stretch. You could move things in your surrounding that will change the way you interact with a space, like moving a piece of furniture to a new position. Try this new form of movement for five to ten minutes. It can be simple and gentle or fully invigorating. 


If you have more time

Can you capture your new movement through words? 



Did this new form of movement bring up any new feelings or reflections? 



Share your responses online with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists – or keep it for yourself and your inspiration…