The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 26th August 2019 – #MyMusicalSpark

A Creative Childhood

This week’s challenge is set by Creative Futures, who work with communities across London and the Southeast to devise and deliver impactful, high quality arts programmes for children, young people and families. Creative Futures are fascinated by the innate creativity and musicality of young children, and this week is all about rediscovering those musical memories. An early childhood is something we all have in common – but how much can you remember from the age of 0-4 years?

Think back to your childhood and search for your earliest musical memory, and share it with someone close to you. It may be a song that was sung to you by a parent, carer, or grandparent, a piece you heard on the tv or radio, the soundtrack to long journeys or summer holidays – any piece of music that is evocative of your childhood. Can you find a creative way to share your memories? 

If you have more time … 
Again thinking back to your early childhood, or by observing a young child who you know now, can you spot surprising examples of creativity? These might be invented games, made-up songs, fragments of song or rhythm used to accompany an activity, or using everyday items (or recycling) to make something new.


How does it make you feel to recall that piece of music from your early childhood? What music do you think future-you will recall from this period of your life?
Share your recollections observations of creative childhood with the team at Creative Futures and thousands of Challengers across the country using #MyMusicalSpark on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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