The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 26th April 2021 – It’s In The Bag

This week’s challenge is from Ruth! A mother, a French teacher and a passionate supporter of human rights based in the North East of England. 

“I like the idea of making art from stuff we have around us and possibly take for granted.”

Grab your bag….we’re getting creative!



Create something from the things in your bag – or pocket, or recycling bin, or any container around you that has other items inside it!

Can you arrange the contents into a person or a picture? Write a story or poem about one item or all of them? You could draw what you have or re-arrange the items and take a photo of them. Maybe even create two different photos or drawings and share them with someone to see if they can spot the difference. Get creative and show some love for these everyday items! 

If you have more time 

Get another bag or container out and create! How do your creations differ depending on the items you have to work with?



What do each of the items in your bag or container mean to you? Are they useful or do they have sentimental value? What memories do you have attached to them?



Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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