The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 22nd October – Planet Portrait

Koestler Arts are a prison arts charity who inspire participation in the arts in the criminal justice system. They share their participants’ artworks with the public, so people can witness this diverse range of voices, stories and talent.

“At Koestler Arts we are constantly inspired by the creativity of our entrants, turning everyday or overlooked materials like matchsticks or soap into unforgettable works of art. Many of the artworks entered into our annual Koestler Awards engage deeply with contemporary issues around climate and the natural world.”

This week, Koestler Arts will be hosting an event as part of The Big Draw Festival 2020, on the theme ‘A Climate of Change‘. On Thursday 29 October at 5pm Sarah, an artist who is currently part of the Koestler Arts mentoring scheme, will be in conversation and giving a live demonstration, showing the audience how to paint a hyperrealistic portrait of a very famous young environmental activist…
Visit Koestler Arts website for more details.


Create a collage portrait of someone who inspires you to make steps, great or small, to protect and care for our shared planet. It might be a famous activist, a friend, a teacher, or maybe someone who has not arrived on planet earth yet…anything goes! 

Here’s the twist! Can you make your collage entirely out of free, found or forgotten materials? Collect items from an outdoor walk, rifle through your recycling bin, see what’s lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboard.

‘Mince Pies’ – HM Prison Long Lartin
‘Protect it Now’ – HM Prison Humber
Images courtesy of Koestler Arts
If you have more time … 
Join Koestler on Thursday afternoon, as they will be giving a live demonstration of how to paint a very famous young environmental activist!Think 

What did this challenge encourage you to think about, or reflect on? What is it about your chosen person that you find inspiring? What did you find in your found materials?
Show the planet your portraits!Spread the word and share your chosen person with friends, family or colleagues.

Or, post on social media with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists to join in the conversation online.

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