The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 22nd March 2021

This week’s challenge is from Waheeda Hales, a support worker in Bath who enjoys a lot of creative activities in her spare time. Waheeda challenges you to let the words around you speak for themselves…

Remember, any person or organisation can set a 64 Million Artists challenge! If you have an idea (or if you know somebody that might) let us know below.

“I think that some of the best pieces of creative writing are often generated by random words! I have tried this challenge with individuals before and it they have produced some great work. Word Searches often have a theme, but you can let the words lead you anywhere…”


Pick ten random words from some written material around you – it might be a book, or a letter – or Waheeda loves to use Word Searches. You can find a Word Search in a newspaper, magazine or online.

Pick out ten words at random that appeal to you. Your challenge is to use each word in a short story or poem, on a subject of your choice. Where will your words lead you?

Find Waheeda’s example here.


If you have more time..
Try the challenge again, but this time, use as few extra words as possible to complete your story or poem. How does this change the meaning?


This week’s challenge is about using ‘found’ words to create new meaning. Choose a word, any word, to inspire your week. What meaning do you find in that word?


Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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