The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 22nd April 2019 – I’m Not Just A Consumer, I…

To recognise and celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd April, this week’s Challenge is posed by environmental charity Global Action Plan and innovation consultants New Citizenship Project:

We think that the term “consumer” has a lot to answer for. Consumerism implies a one-way relationship with our planet – that we simply take and use up what it provides, and have no care beyond what we buy. We are continually being told that we can be more attractive, happier and more successful through consuming bigger, better, flashier things – yet the research shows materialistic values actually lead to lower wellbeing, not better.

Studies show that when we think of ourselves as consumers, we’re less likely to tackle society’s biggest problems, from climate change to international inequality. However, when we think of ourselves as citizens, we’re more likely to participate, volunteer and come together to make our society stronger and more effective. We are happier, healthier and more invested when shaping our options, not just choosing between them.

Our challenge to you is to develop a creative response to “I am not just a consumer, I……” What does being a conscious citizen mean to you? Get creative! You could write a poem or short story, create art, make a zine, create a photograph series, or make a placard. Think about your power as a citizen and how could you could celebrate your care for the Earth.

We want to share your responses with business and political leaders to show that we have more to offer than just being shoppers – that given the right opportunities, we are able to achieve a better, more sustainable world together.

If you have more time …
Share your ideas with us for ways that we could communicate these creative responses with world leaders that will grab attention and be remembered!

What does the word consumer mean to you – how does it make you feel? What is more important to you than getting the latest “must have” item? What makes life worthwhile?

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Here are two examples from New Citizenship Project (L) and Global Action Plan (R) – how could you get creative and show the world that you are #morethanconsumers?