The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 21st September 2020 – #CreativeCommunities

“During this difficult time, we have seen the most amazing examples of how the arts and creativity have been used to build community and keep care settings connected…Corridor choirs, window art, poetry pen pals, online ceramic sessions, art packs, live-streamed concerts, craft activities, garden concerts …”

This year’s National Day of Arts in Care Homes is the 24th September – so this week, we’re celebrating the #CreativeCommunities that have kept residents and staff connected to family and friends.

Get involved in Arts in Care Homes’ celebrations by becoming an Only Connect pen pal, finding and using their creative resources, or supporting an Arts in Care Homes voucher.

Make it Better is a partner organisation who deliver lots of their work in care settings – and this week’s challenge is something they’ll be organising in care homes up and down the country on the 24th September!

Everything has consequences! This week create something (or someone) new with a game of consequences. Consequences is a game where the next section of a drawing or piece of writing is added by a different person. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half and in half again so that your sheet is divided into 4 parts. Draw the head of your character, or the opening words of your poem or story. Invite somebody to continue without looking at what you’ve done!

You could play with friends, family or colleagues – or you could play by yourself, by adding a little part to your creation every day this week. You can even play online by asking someone in our Facebook group to add to your words or to digitally edit your drawing…