The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 21st October 2019 – The Shape of Design

Are you in or around York this week? If so, then lucky you! The 23rd-30th October is York Design Week – a grass roots festival powered by the people of York. The festival invites you to participate, explore and play – have a look at all the exciting things happening in the city here. To celebrate, this week’s challenge is set by the team at York Design Week, who challenge you to get creative with shapes.

Take the three shapes within the York Design Week logo – a triangle, square and circle – and turn them into characters. Add any details you like, but use the shape to guide you. You could work digitally or using pens and paper – it’s over to you! What will you design? See examples from York Design Week below. 

If you have more time … 
Don’t stop there, test your eye for design and create a scene for your characters! Can you create a scene built entirely of circles triangles and squares – a park, house, car?

York Design Week explores how design can help us adapt, grow and learn. How has design impacted your life? What has been changed by design over your lifetime?

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