The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 21st June 2021 – Songs and Words

This week’s challenge is from Sheena Hussein in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  A former lawyer who left the profession after a cancer diagnosis, Sheena is a poetess who champions creative writing during life’s many adversities. “I love writing, reading books on spirituality, and I love serving humanity.” 

“This is a 5-10 minute warm up writing exercise, designed by me to shake off what in the writing world is known as the dreaded ‘writers block’. This challenge is not just for writers, it’s for non-writers alike, for the young, the old and anyone in-between. The challenge can be carried out from the comfort of your sofa/armchair and all you will need is a bit of paper and your favourite pen to write with.” 



Think of a song title and write it down. There is your title to your piece of writing! Maybe it’s a poem or a story? Don’t think too much about rhyme or structure of your writing – see where the words take you.

Songs are often connected to a memory, what does the song remind you of? You could think about who was there in that memory. What was happening? Why was it happening? Where was it happening? When did it happen? Your writing piece can be as long or as short as you like, you could illustrate your words with drawings, collage or photography! 

Watch Sheen’s video here:


If you have more time…

Try the challenge with someone you know – friends, family or someone in our facebook group.                                                                                        

Set a timer and get writing together – To make it more fun, you could play rounds where you reduce the time each go. 



Think about what song title might capture the present moment or your hopes for the future. 

Why is it significant for you at this time?



Share your responses with friends and family, or keep them for yourself!

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Find out more about Sheena’s work at Poetry by Sheena Poetry by Name.