The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 21st December – With You For Christmas

With You is a new digital service created to support isolated patients and care home residents by bringing voice messages from their friends and family together on one playable audio album. Created by Trigger in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, With You allows the patient’s or resident’s family and friends to pick up the telephone and leave a message for their loved ones, which are collated and edited together into one unique and personalised voice album.

“No one should ever have to experience loneliness or isolation in any of our country’s care systems, especially not at what is currently society’s greatest time of need for social connections and human empathy. Bringing familiar voices of loved ones to bedsides and armchairs of those who aren’t able to have physical visitors this Christmas, and beyond, has been a challenge that Trigger have overcome with creativity and vigour this winter.” Angie Bual – Trigger Co-Director

Head to the With You website to sign up for the service and stay connected with your loved ones this Christmas.

As we bring you the last Weekly Challenge of the year, we invite you to reflect and think about what you would like to share with your loved ones, whether they are near or far….

2020 has been a year of big changes and for many, distance from family and friends. What could you do to let someone know that they are ‘With You’ in your thoughts? Could you create something to make them laugh or smile? Perhaps it’s a voice note, a letter, a poem or a picture. Perhaps it’s something to let the person know that you feel grateful to know them. How could you celebrate your togetherness, apart?

A satellite photograph of the the earth, its dark and the city lights can be seen through the clouds

If you have more time … 
You could make something that represents your relationship or memories together. You could cook a meal that you have shared together in the past or put on some music and dance to a song that you both love!

Think about how you can continue to stay connected in the future? Could you start writing letters to each other? Could you schedule in some virtual creative activities to take part in together?

Share your responses with friends and family or keep them for yourself! 
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Head to the With You website to sign up for the service, and find out more about Trigger and their amazing work on their website and on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.