The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 20th April 2020 – These Things

This week’s challenge is set by Art Psychotherapist Tracey Downing. Tracey’s challenge is inspired by the memories in the sights, sounds and smells around her. What stories can you find in the things around you?

‘These things make me think of you.’ Choose something in your surroundings that reminds you of someone or something. Find a creative way to represent it, you might choose to do a quick sketch, a painting, collage or take a photograph. You could write a short poem or piece of writing, the choice is yours – get creative! Can you find a way to share your creation with the person you were thinking about?

“During these increased stay at home days I’ve been noticing the objects around me at home, many of which were given as gifts and remind me of the people I’m not currently seeing in real life. Today I chose a cup that was given to me by a friend, I think of her every day when I use it for my morning coffee. I hope my idea helps you feel connected to those dear to you and brings some meaningful memories.”
Tracey Downing

If you have more time …
Can you repeat this exercise for each day of the week? Can you try a new way to capture your ‘things’ each time?

How did you find the process of choosing your things? What did it make you reflect on, and what impact do you think it has had on your day?

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