The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge 2020, 17th February – Mind and Matter

This week’s challenge is set by The Hub at Wellcome Collection. Wellcome Collection is ‘the free museum and library for the incurably curious,’ that explores the connections between science, medicine, life and art. Wellcome Collection uses objects to tell stories. And now, it’s over to you…

Can you think of an object that you might use to start a conversation about mental health? You could take a photo of the object, draw a picture, or write a description. Find a way to represent what that object means to you – express yourself through words, music, drawing – or whatever feels good to you.

In September, The Hub at Wellcome Collection will be running ‘Ideas Hub’ – a week-long programme to explore the links between mental health, power and ownership. Find out more here. Applications close soon on the 20 February…

If you have more time … 
Objects can be a great starting point for a conversation. Can you think of other objects that might start different conversations? You might like to focus on holidays, family, work or local history.Think 
What collection of objects do you think best capture you and your stories?
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