The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 1st March 2021 – Free Books Campaign

This Thursday, March 4th, is World Book Day and we are celebrating with the Free Books Campaign!

Free Books Campaignfounded by Sofia Akel in July 2020, distributes free books by authors of colour to those who can’t afford or access them.

“No person should be denied the right to education and opportunity to read diverse literature.”

The Free Books Campaign have raised over £7000 and delivered 800+ books across the UK in less than a year!

You can support The Free Books Campaign too, by clicking here.

To read more about the Free Books Campaign, click here for a blog written for 64 Million Artists by Chrysti-Anne Wright, their Campaign Support Coordinator!

This World Book Day we are celebrating authors of colour! Sofia challenges you to ‘do, read, change.’ Where will this week take you? Use the ideas below to inspire your celebrations. Let’s go!

Could you DO?
Do you, or anyone you know, have books lying around the house? Donate your used books to a local organisation or charity shop.

Could you READ?
Find a book by an author of colour that you would like to read.
You could select seven books, discover a new one each day of the week! Play with words – could you use a word from each title of a book you have chosen to create a poem? You now have a poem and a new reading list!

Looking for books by authors of colour? Check out The Free Books Campaign on Instagram to find some from their book list, all read and approved by a community of literature lovers!
Still unsure of what to read? Connect with Free Books Campaign on Instagram or Twitter and they can recommend a book based on your interests!

Could you CHANGE?
The Free Books Campaign was started in support of the global movement for racial equality, addressing the lack of stories, histories and experiences of people of colour in our national narrative and education system
Could you reach out to a local organisation – for example a school or bookshop – and request that they diversify their literature, platforming authors of colour all year round?

If you have more time?

Do, Read and Change!


Think about the books you read.
How diverse are the authors and characters?


Share your responses with friends or family and introduce them to more authors of colour!
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