The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 1st February – Word Cloud

It’s February!

We have come to the end of The January Challenge but the wave of creativity doesn’t stop here…it’s the first Weekly Challenge of the year with Skipton Town Hall!

Skipton Town Hall is a Cultural Hub in North Yorkshire. Home to Craven Museum, an exhibition gallery, concert hall, visitor centre and community use spaces.

“Like 64 Million Artists we believe that everyone is creative! We aim to offer opportunities for everyone in our community to experience and participate in creative and cultural experiences.”

Where will words take us this week?


Collect words throughout your day or the week.
You could tear them from newspapers, magazines, letters or anything else you find. Collect words you hear or see and write them down. Screenshot words on your device, or find them in your imagination.
Choose words you find interesting or pick them at random. When you have a collection of words, choose how to arrange them. Or throw them into the air and see how they fall. Find an interesting way to display and share your word cloud! 

If you have more time…

Read your word cloud out loud.
You could phone someone up, shout it out of the window, sing it to your pet, or whisper it to yourself.


What type of words were you drawn to?
Do they have similarities or differences, or maybe they reflect how you are feeling?


Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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 #64MillionArtists #TheWeeklyChallenge 

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