The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 19th October – Film Favourites!

This week’s Challenge is from Film Megafan Max, 25 from Southampton.

What sort of films do you like and why? Whether it’s a thriller, romantic comedy, sci-fi or Hollywood blockbuster, this week’s challenge is a chance for you to celebrate (and get creative with) your favourites!

Max has written the following list of questions about films. Can you fill it in with your answers? Can you find a creative way to present your answers, using photography, doodles, words – or, film..?

Or – choose one of your film favourites, and find a way to recreate the film cover or poster. You could paint, draw, photograph or create it using the things around you. Pasta, rice and leaves all make excellent tools…

1. A film with a number in the title?
2. Your favourite animated film?
3. A film you think is underrated?
4. A film with the best soundtrack?
5. The last film you watched?
6. Your favourite character in a film?
7. Your favourite villain?
8. Favourite film quote?
9. A movie with the best plot twist?
10. A film that best describes your life?

If you have more time … 
Revisit your film favourites! Perhaps you can find a new recommendation in our Facebook group here?


Max finds that his favourite films are the films that inspire him, or give him a new perspective on something. What is it about your favourite films that you love? What do you think of as the qualities of a good film?
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