The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 19th July 2021 – Have Your Say

64 Million Artists run The January Challenge – 31 days of fun, quick and free creative challenges to kickstart your year. 

Over the next 4 weeks we are hosting free workshops for people to get creative and ‘Have Your Say’ on what a great January Challenge could look and be like.

We will be exploring our creativity and discussing the people and things that drive or inspire us. To celebrate these opportunities, the next 4 Weekly Challenges will be set by the people leading the sessions. 

They will invite us to ‘Have Your Say’, explore your greatest inspirations and get creative…starting now!

This week’s challenge is from Yashoda Rodgers and Jemima Frankel who are hosting this week’s workshops. Find out more here



Take the time to think about someone, or something, that is a source of creative inspiration in your life. Why have you chosen that person or thing? Does your choice surprise you, or was it an easy decision?

If you could ‘Have Your Say’ and tell that person or thing why and how they inspire you, what would you say?

Your challenge is to say it! Say it in words, images or actions. The choice is yours. 


If you have more time

Ask somebody else about their great inspirations. What do you have in common?



Can you think of a time that somebody or something has inspired you to think differently about something? What was that experience like?



Share your responses online with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists – or keep it for yourself and your inspiration…