The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 19th April 2021 – Nature is a Human Right

To celebrate Earth Day this Thursday 22nd April, this week’s challenge is from Nature is a Human Right!  An organisation dedicated to making access to green space a recognised human right, both in title and in practice. 

“11 million people in the UK are living in the nation’s greyest areas, with 2.7 million not having any green space within accessible walking distance. This nature deprivation has devastating impacts on people’s wellbeing: mental illnesses are 40% more prevalent and life spans 2 years shorter in these grey urban areas, versus greener rural ones.”

Nature is a Human Right exists to end this social and environmental inequality. Their vision is of cities that are more green than grey, full of healthy, happy, equal communities.



“Art will never be able to exist without nature” – Pierre Bonnard.

The natural world and creativity go hand in hand. Just seeing the colour green has been found to boost and awaken the creative forces within us. In this challenge, we would like to see your creative responses to a spot in nature that means something to you. 

Nature has many forms, whether it’s a potted plant in your home, a tree outside your window, a quiet park bench you always read on, or a place you don’t get to visit as often as you’d like – create an image or poem that evokes why this place holds significance for you. 


If you have more time…

Join the Movement! Become a guerrilla gardener with Dream Green.



How does being in nature or green spaces make you feel? Do you have any memories of green spaces that feel significant to you?



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Stay updated with Nature is a Human Right:

Head to their website to find resources for on-the ground action and more about how to get involved

To find out more about the important work of Nature Is a Human Right, head to their website to find resources for on-the ground action and more about how to get involved!