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The Weekly Challenge, 16th September 2019 – The Sound of Silence

‘Silence is not empty. If it were, we would not be able to hear it.’ 

This week, our very own Jo Hunter – CEO and co-founder of 64 Million Artists – is the special guest on Steve Chapman’s The Sound of Silence podcast. This is an experimental, downloadable podcast that records the silence that arises between 2 people.  It is a conceptual art project by Steve Chapman that aims to disrupt what has become known as the attention extraction economy and societies addiction to constant distraction.  Only 100 episodes will be recorded and the collected silence will then be turned into an interactive public exhibition. Find the podcast series here, as well all sorts of news and updates on Steve’s other projects.

This week’s creative challenge is inspired by the sound of silence.

Find somewhere to be silent for two minutes – you might be at home, in a quiet corner of the office, a library, a café. What do you notice in the silence? Can you take a photo, or create a sketch that captures silence? 

If you have more time … 
Have a go at recording your own Sound of Silence. Find a partner – you might know them well, or you might have only just met. Using your phone or a recording device, introduce yourselves to each other, and begin your two minutes of silence. What does your silence sound like? What do you notice?

To find a new partner, you could reach out to the Challenge community via our Facebook group or by following #TheSoundOfSilence on twitter and Instagram.

What does silence mean to you? Is silence a rarity, or do you find quiet time in your day? What has this week’s challenge made you think about, or notice?
Share with Steve, the team at 64 Million Artists and thousands of Challengers around the country using #TheSoundOfSilence.Find Steve on Twitter and Instagram

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