The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 16th November – Gag Cartoon!

This week, it’s over to Bridie Jackson, a musician based in Newcastle, who challenges you to create your own gag cartoon!

“Hello! My name is Bridie Jackson and I’m a musician based in Newcastle. I did the 64 Million Artists The January Challenge back in 2018 because I needed a bit of creative inspiration during the winter. I had so much fun, and it completely took me out of my comfort zone! So I recommend it to everyone.
I started ‘doodling’ as a result of doing The January Challenge, having never really done this before and now I absolutely love it. I find it relaxing, stimulating and best of all, the finished results amuse my friends no end, and we all certainly need a laugh at the moment.”

Have a go at drawing a gag cartoon! A gag cartoon is also known as a ‘spot’ or ‘pocket’ cartoon, and is a funny drawing to make you laugh, or comment on current events. Follow Bridie’s video below to learn 4 different ways in which you can get started! Anything goes – you can explore different characters, styles, topics and even puns. Have fun! 

If you have more time … 
Keep going! You could try another style, or another topic. You could colour in your cartoon. You could even turn it into a card and send it to someone (who you want to make laugh!)


How did you decide your characters or your theme? What was it like to approach the topic from a different perspective? Who would you choose to share your cartoon with?
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