The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 16th December 2019 – That’s a Wrap

Our friends at ethical men’s clothing brand Brothers We Stand asked us to write them a blog post about seasonal crafting that’s both unique and recyclable. Gifts are given and received throughout the year, but in December alone 108 million roles of wrapping paper end up in the bin in the UK. This week’s challenge invites you to get creative with wrapping paper – keeping it wonderful, not wasteful…

Add a personal touch to your gifts and get crafty with the things around you. Could you use recyclable brown paper as a base for printing, calligraphy or drawing? Use old cards to create collages, use old magazines or newspapers as the wrap itself? Make the most of any old tablecloths, tea towels or pillow cases by wrapping your presents in it! Or, use the abundance of berries, holly leaves and festive foliage around us to add a special touch to your wrap.

Find the full blog with more ideas to get you started here.

If you have more time … 
You’e made your wrap – how about a matching name tag or card? Could you make the gift itself..?


How can we keep the season wonderful, not wasteful? What could you do to replace the rubbish with recycling, and the expense of pounds with pennies?
Share with Brothers We Stand, the team at 64 Million Artists and thousands of Challengers across the country using #ThatsAWrap #64MillionArtists
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