The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 16th August 2021 – Automatic Drawing

Let’s freestyle our way through this week and see where it takes us! 

Pearl from Dublin challenges us to set our pens free on the page….



Choose a pen, pencil, paintbrush – anything you can make a mark with. Let your chosen mark maker run free on your page, don’t think too much about the result, just create! You could try closing your eyes for an extra element of surprise. 


Once you have completed your freestyle drawing, can you find a picture, shape or pattern within it? Take another colour or bold marker and add to the drawing your new findings!


If you have more time

Create another automatic drawing! Are there any similarities in the forms and shapes you make? 



How did the freestyle drawing make you feel? 

Did you discover a new automatic drawing style? 



Share your responses online with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists – or keep it for yourself and your inspiration…