The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 15th November 2021 – I Choose Me

This week’s challenge is from 64 Million Artists Associate Michaela Tranfield! 


“I’m 22, from London and I’ve found it tough to put boundaries in place in the past but I think they’re fundamental to my mental health. I want to start practising healthy behaviours way before the new year starts so they become habitual. Aside from that, I love people and good music.”


“Boundaries are a positive thing and so important in our lives – honouring ourselves as an individual with needs and wants that can differ from others. We can best serve others if we serve ourselves first and foremost – this happens when we establish healthy boundaries.” 


Michaela invites us to get introspective and creative…



Think about what boundaries mean to you in your personal life, your working life and in your relationships. How can you represent this through a poem, picture, piece of art, a song? Why are the boundaries you set important to you and those around you? How have you put boundaries in place in the past, and what can you do to maintain those boundaries in the future? Think as broadly and creatively as possible. Be as introspective as you need to be!


If you have more time… 

Represent your boundaries in a different medium to your first response. If you wrote a poem, why not try drawing this time. Does your perspective on your boundaries change when you create in a new way?



How do the boundaries you set for yourself affect those around you? 



Share your responses with family & friends! 

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