The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 15th March 2021 – Musical Memories

This week’s challenge is from David in Kent…

David reviews music online and enjoys discovering and reviewing new tracks by independent artists on Twitter.

“Music has always been a central part of my life. From the time I got my first cassette player at the age of 9, music has been my constant companion. For every generation, whatever the technology, the feeling of discovering a new song that becomes your favourite never changes.”

This week we are reflecting on our musical memories. “Music can be an escape, a comfort, a passion. It is probably the nearest thing we have to a time machine so buckle up and let your imagination loose as you remember the music that has defined you.”

Let’s go!



Capture a favourite musical memory.

Tap into the emotion you felt when you first put the record on the turntable, the cassette in the player, the CD in the machine or streamed the song online. You could draw, paint or take a photo of an album cover or recreate a live concert setting. Play some music out loud and see where it takes you!

David gets us inspired with his examples, pictured below…

An image of vinyl records laid out on a table.

Long Playing on my Mind “Looking through my albums from the early 80s, certain albums stirred clearer memories than others either because of the music or because they changed the course of my musical taste. In this picture centre stage is taken by Regatta De Blanc from The Police. They were the first group whose poster adorned my bedroom wall. Kings of the Wild Frontier was an electric experience from the first note. Bat out of Hell was the first rock album I ever bought. Can’t Slow Down remains, to this day, the finest late night album ever. Sheena Easton was one of a number of Scottish singers I loved. The Flying Pickets briefly made a capella cool. Deep Sea Skiving was an 18th birthday present that holds many fond memories.”


A painted picture of a concert stage with memories of the event written down around the image of the stage.

My First Arena Gig “I asked my daughter to set her mind to this task. Her musical memory is the first big arena gig she went to, featuring McBusted. She decided to draw the stage which had the DeLorean from Back to the Future on it, the names of the group in the different colours of the tops they wore in the tour programme, and song lyrics round the edge. To this day she can still remember the euphoric feeling of seeing two of her favourite bands joining forces and lighting up the O2 arena.”

If you have more time…

Revisit your life through music, stopping the journey at the most memorable points and writing down the tracks that are important to you and the memories they evoke. You could choose just one event, or you could think of eight to make up your own Desert Island Discs.


What did your favourite musical moment mean to you then, and what does it mean to you now?



Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself.

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