The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 15th June 2020 – Mini Golf!

Artist Anna Bruder and Poet Arji Manuelpillai run an interactive theatre and art company called A Line Art which specialises in immersive creative events for children, young people and their families. Their main aim is to inspire and encourage creative play – anywhere and everywhere! Thank you to their 7 year old friend Eeshan for suggesting this week’s activity.

Check out Anna and Arji’s Broom cupboard here…there will be new BSL interpreted episodes coming each week, starting today!

Create your own mini golf course to play at home, in the park, or wherever you like…

To make your golf course, you can download and print the templates from A Line Art here – be inspired by the images below, or create your own version! Have some fun – bring mini golf to you! You will need some card (an old box or cereal box would work brilliantly), some scissors and something to decorate with like pens or crayons. Make your golf ball out of scrunched up scrap paper, and make your golf club stronger with sticks or a double layer of cardboard.

How else could you create mini golf at home? Could you use a chopstick and peas? Could you use an umbrella and an orange?!  

If you have more time … 
Create, or challenge somebody else to create, new obstacles for your course! Get creative – could you place a treasure hunt clue on each hoop? Or a riddle or word problem to solve before you move on…?

This challenge involves designing, decorating, building and playing! What was your favourite thing about this challenge? How did you approach this challenge?
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