The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 14th October 2019 – My Own Exhibition

At 64 Million Artists we believe everyone is creative, and when we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us. This week’s challenge from blogger and community photographer Mike Maynard is the perfect celebration of our individual creativity, and a chance to gather your thoughts, ideas and creations into one place…

Create your very own exhibition. You could include any previous creations – sculpture, photographs, drawings, paintings, poems – or you could include only what you decide to create now. You could take a different photograph, or do a 5 minute sketch for each day to create an exhibition totally unique to this week. Find a space to exhibit – you could stick them onto your fridge, your wall or leave your creations in a public space to be found as #FreeArt. This challenge is designed to celebrate your individual style, have fun and get creative! 

Take a photograph of your exhibition (whatever it looks like, wherever it is, and whatever it contains), and share your creativity with the world. 

If you have more time … 
On our website for creative activities,, we have a space for you to create a digital exhibition of you. Can you choose 5 items to upload to your very own digital exhibition? Find the simple how-to instructions here.


How was the process of collecting, choosing, creating or finding your items? Are you pleased with the result?
Share with Mike, the team at 64 Million Artists and thousands of Challengers around the country using #MyOwnExhibition #64MillionArtists

Find Mike on his blogTwitter andInstagram for examples of his work, and news of his photography competitions.

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