The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 14th December – Nurture Nature

To say hello, this week’s challenge is from Olive and Yashoda, our two newest members of the 64 Million Artists team. They’re bringing us a challenge inspired by their joint love for nature! 2020 has been a challenging year, one of slowing down and reflecting on what we are truly grateful for, and Olive and Yashoda have been thinking about the value of nature as a companion.

As the year draws to a close, we ask you to reflect on your relationship with nature and how it might have developed throughout the year…..

Think of your favourite place in nature and why it has been a great companion to you this year! If you were to imagine your favourite place in nature as a person, how would you show your love for them? 

This could be your favourite spot in a park, a favourite tree on you street, a plant in your house or the birds you see outside your window. You could draw or paint their picture, write a story or letter about your companionship and imagine you will give it to them!

A photograph of a lake in a park in summer. The lake is framed by greenery and reflecting the bright blue sky. There are luscious trees in far distance, leafy tree branches hanging down and green bushes in the bottom of the frame.

If you have more time … 
Create a response for more than one place or more than one thing. If you were to build a picture of all the things in nature that you love, how would that look?
Would it be a garden full of vegetables with birds flying above, or a forest with streams and the sun shining through the trees?

How can you continue to connect to the natural environment? Could you learn more about species of birds or plants?
Think about what small changes could you make that will have a bigger impact in protecting our environment? Could you start walking more or take up cycling to reduce your carbon footprint?
Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!
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