The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 13th September 2021 – Let’s go for a Wander

This week’s challenge is from Street Wisdom – an everyday creative practice to use as you walk. 

“A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience and wellness, it unlocks our minds and unblocks our creativity with every step. The perfect complement to static meditation, Street Wisdom takes us on a physical journey that not only calms and clears the mind, but opens up the subconscious to new ideas. Not to mention the health benefits of walking outdoors. Suddenly, every street is full of inspiration. And whatever our questions, we are finding answers are everywhere.” 

Street Wisdom have distilled this practice into a playlist of five short audio tracks you can stream. Just find a street, pop in your earphones and explore. Ideally outdoors but they also work inside. You can use them in sequence or as a standalone exercise to form a daily practice. You can also take a deeper dive into Street Wisdom with one of their free local events, led around the world, or an online WalkShop. 

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Let’s step together into this challenge based on one of the audio tracks ‘Lighting Up Life.’


Go for a wander, wherever your feet or your curiosity takes you.  And as you wander try to see the beauty in everythingthat’s everything, even what doesn’t seem beautiful at first. Think about how you experience the beauty you find through your senses. How does it look, sound or feel? If at any time your mind needs a bit of help, just take the word ‘gratitude’ and place it like colourful wallpaper at the back of your brain. Notice how that changes the way you see this present moment. 

How will you capture what you discover on your wander? It could be through photography or words, or maybe a sculpture from things you collect along the way.

If you have more time…

Take a wander somewhere different and see what other beautiful things you can find.



You’ve just been harnessing the power of appreciation. The attitude that sees everything – and everyone – as having value.  Now take a moment to breathe the experience you just had.  And while you do, just take a moment to ask yourself, is there anything around you that you are sure isn’t beautiful? To someone? Was there anything that seemed ugly at first and then became more beautiful? If so, how did you make that change happen?


Share your work with friends and family or keep it for yourself!

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