The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 12th October – 100 Leaves

Autumn has well and truly arrived! This week, artist James Brunt challenges you to get creative with what the season has to offer us…

James’ 100 Leaves Challenge invites you to find, collect and get creative with 100 fallen Autumn leaves. You could take inspiration from his natural creations – using different shapes, sizes, colours and textures to build a pattern. James likes to make his outside, in a quiet, shady spot out of the wind. 

Or, you could simply take inspiration from the colours and patterns of the season. What can you see out of your window? What are the sights, sounds and smells that remind you of Autumn? Can you capture this in a sketch or poem? Can you capture this in food or drink?

If you have more time … 
Keep playing! 100 leaves has (probably, about..) 64 Million potential creations!


What is your favourite season? What is your favourite thing about each season?
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