The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 11th March 2019 – Common Ground

Spring is springing – embrace the spring in your step! The seasons are marching on and new buds, shoots and colours seem to arrive over night. This week, Artist and Photographer Su Fahy challenges you to step outside and use the changing weather to get creative in response to your surroundings, and explore our common ground. Walking shoes on…lets go!
Become a ‘flaneur’ – a wanderer in your neighbourhood. Create a map of your journey, flagging new places to your visitors, neighbours and fellow artists to encounter and share. Challenge yourself to look with fresh eyes – go to new places, walk a different path and discover the secrets of your area. Get creative! Use drawing, photography, screenshots, stitch or collage to share the places, views and spaces you were drawn to.

If you have more time …
Create a series of ‘flaneur’ postcards to send to your friends, introducing them to your new discoveries and encounters. If you are looking for inspiration – there are four linked contemporary art postcard shows on in London this Spring:
The World Exists to Be Put On A Postcard, artists’ postcards from 1960 to now at the British Museum
Jeremy Cooper and kennardphillips at Danielle Arnaud Gallery
Political Postcards of the 1980s and 1990s at Bookartbookshop.
1d for abroad at TinType Gallery

What did you discover on your journey? Did you notice anything new or unexpected? How do you engage with your local area?

Share your creative endeavours and discoveries with Su, the 64 Million Artists team and thousands of other Challengers across the country using #CommonGround and #64MillionArtists.

t: @memorypalace
t: @64M_Artists

Here are two of Su’s ‘Flaneur’ postcard examples, using collage, text and sketch as a creative response to her surroundings.


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