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The Weekly Challenge, 11th February 2019 – Mirror Mirror

This week’s challenge is set by Charlotte Penn – a mover and shaker from Croydon. Charlotte is a dance and drama teacher, working in several settings across south west London. She is mostly found at Ravenstone Primary School, teaching dance and learning all her cool new moves from the wonderful children there. This week, we are exploring story and connection through playful movement. Let’s see what story unfolds in the reflection.

Find a partner, and decide who is going to be the leader and who is going to follow. This could work in a pair or a group. Using your hands, arms, and whatever follows, begin your movement and allow the other person to mirror your movements. You could choose music or try in silence – slower is normally better! Take it in turns to swap leading and following, and see if you can swap without verbal communication. If you can’t find a willing partner, stand in front of a mirror and notice how your movements reflect the music and create a story. Is there a certain mindfulness to your movements? What stories, metaphors and moments do you notice in the invisible connection? Is the connection fragile like uncooked spaghetti or strong and elastic like a rubber band? Share with video, pictures, sketches or write a short story or poem inspired by the experience.

If you have more time…

Dancing is soul food! Put on your favourite piece of music and dance like no one is watching (and don’t care if they are!)


Did you prefer leading or being led? Were there any moments when it felt like you were moving together and no one was leading? How did you find the experience? What stories do you find in body language and movement?


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