The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge, 10th June 2019 – #CreativityAndWellbeing

Hooray, It’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week! Creativity and Wellbeing week is a UK wide festival from London Arts in Health Forum, in partnership with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance and Thrive LDN, celebrating and showcasing some of the incredible work going on around arts and health. The festival exists because there is compelling and growing evidence that arts and culture can help us keep well, improve our health outcomes and live longer, higher quality lives. Let’s celebrate that and shout about it loudly and proudly! Check out the interactive map of exciting events happening around the country here. What’s happening near you? What could you add to next year’s map?

This week’s Challenge is set by The Arts Health ECRN and MARCH Mental Health Network.

Is there something creative in your life that supports your wellbeing? This Creativity and Wellbeing week, we challenge you to create a short video (under a minute) of something creative that supports your health and share it using #TimeToCreate. This could be a video of you creating something – such as a drawing or a poem – or it could simply be footage of some nature that inspires you. Anything and everything is welcome. At the end of the week, all the videos shared across the country will be put together to celebrate! 

If you have more time ..
The Festival is encouraging people to take a bit of time out everyday to get creative and share what they are doing using #5minscreativity. This could be taking part in an activity during the week or just doing something by yourself or with friends or family. Perhaps you could create a daily #TimetoCreate video of your #5minscreativity!


How does getting creative make you feel? Do you think it impacts upon your wellbeing? What do you do in your everyday life that’s creative – cooking, writing, daydreaming…?
Thousands of people are taking part in #CreativityAndWellbeing Week across the country. Share what you get up to!

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