The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challange, 23rd August 2021 – A New Narrative

This week’s challenge is brought to us by Nimiah from South East London. He challenges us to explore our stories back to front and upside – down! 

“I’m interested in history, philosophy and looking at the world from different perspectives” 



Choose five different key moments in your life. They can be as big or small as you like. Now, choose five words that capture those different moments – one word per memory or experience. Your challenge is to create a short story or poem that uses all of your words. Perhaps it gives them new meaning or a new timeline – or perhaps you could use your words as inspiration for a new character perspective.


See where the story takes you.  Might you find some unexpected links?


If you have more time…

How many different stories or poems can you create with the same five words as inspiration?



How have the key moments you chose shaped who you are today?



Share your responses online with #TheWeeklyChallenge #64MillionArtists – or keep it for yourself and your inspiration…