The January Challenge 2022

We are Human – Day 2 – The Marks We Make

Today’s challenge is from Julia Underwood!

“I like to think of myself as a creative person who enjoys completing these little challenges. I find ideas and inspiration from people and places around me. I was shown a video of someone creating a fantasy landscape from a handprint – and that was enough to have me trying myself.”



Create a picture using a print from your body as the starting point. Find a material that makes a mark (paint, ketchup, coffee…) and choose a body part! You could use hands, fingers, an arm, foot, hair, ears, chin – whatever you can get a starting print from. What does that print or mark inspire? Build your image around your print using materials of your choice. 


A print from a body part could be a starting point for anything – tree, flowers, animal, something completely new and designed by you. It could be a fingerprint picture or as detailed as you like.”



What marks, stains or prints are there around you that are waiting to be transformed into something new?



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