The January Challenge 2022

We are Culture – Day 3 – Leaf Printing

Today’s challenge is from Alan, who is a member of the Element Young Creatives. Read more about Element here – 


“I’m 20 years old, I’m Hispanic and I like to do photography in my spare time. I have a very patriotic reason behind my leaf printing challenge idea. I use the colours red and white in my print that resemble the flag of where I’m from, Peru. The colour red represents blood shed for independence and white symbolises purity and peace. The colours are believed to symbolize the lasting impact the Incas have had in the country.”



Create a print using painted leaves, or create a painting directly on a leaf. Collect some fallen leaves and cover one side of the leaf in something that makes a mark – like paint, or spices mixed with a small amount of water. You could also draw the outline of a leaf, perhaps from a tree that reminds you of home, and draw within it.  


Think about the colours you choose. You could choose colours that represent that flag of your country, or the colours that you associate with your culture or community. Experiment with patterns on your paper and the different marks you can make by applying different pressure to the leaf when printing with it. 



What can you do with the leaves after you have printed them? Maybe you can hang them up as decorations! 



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