The January Challenge 2022

We are Culture – Day 1 – 2022

Today’s challenges is from Helen Carter-Shaw!

“Most of us have our own customs and traditions at New Year. Some of us celebrate it at different times of the year for religious or cultural reasons. Some of us don’t really like it and prefer to let it slip in unnoticed. Others are keen to party all night long. This year I am inviting you to learn about how New Year is celebrated around the world. Perhaps it inspires a new tradition in your home.”



When, where and how do you welcome each New Year? Share your rituals and traditions! Perhaps you share a photograph, a sketch, or create the ‘2022’ numbers with the items, food, clothes or people you might find at your celebrations. 


If you have more time, learn about how different people and cultures around the world celebrate each new year. Learn with the help of google, friends or family, share your own celebrations – and get 2022 off to the right start…



Do you have any hopes for 2022? What about 2021 will you bring into the new year with you?



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