The January Challenge 2022

We are Connected – Day 1 – Cut and Paste

64 Million Artists ran a workshop with some of the ‘You Okay, Doc? ambassadors, to co-create some creative challenges for The January Challenge! 


You Okay, Doc? works to change the perceptions of mental health for those working in the medical sector and to develop bespoke mental health support for doctors. Find out more here:


This is one of the ideas that came out of that workshop… 



Fill a page with a quick sketch, doodle, face – whatever you like. Cut or tear the page into pieces, and ask somebody else to rearrange the pieces back together. If the person you are working with isn’t with you – you could both have a go at the challenge, and compare your results. Perhaps you start by drawing the same thing! 



What do you like about your newly rearranged picture?



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