The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 4 – Puppet Pals

Today’s challenge is set by Cris, 51 and 1/4 from Walthamstow.

And they called it… Puppet Love! You can make a puppet out of almost anything. Today’s challenge is to create a character out of what you have to hand (or even with your hands.)

Create a puppet pal and make it move. Your puppet could be an animal or a human, young or old, friendly or irritable. You could draw a character’s face on your hand, make a sock puppet, or bring the items on your desk to life.

‘I bet you would look good as a sock puppet’

If you have more time …
If you’ve made a puppet you like, give it a chance to get chatting. Where did it come from? What’s on its mind?

What’s it like to make a character out of an object? What makes a character entertaining?

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