The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 3 – Colour Switch

Today’s challenge is set by Maame, 23, from London.

Colour is all around us – in clothes, food, trees, animals, bookshelves and eyes..
Today, you have the power!

Find a creative way to change the colour of something around you. Can you use a felt tip pen to colour in a bottle top? Can you change the colour of water with ink or fruit..? Or shine a torch on, or through, something nearby? You could use digital tools, or be inspired by science… 

If you have more time …
What colour did you create? Use that colour to inspire a piece of art! Celebrate your chosen colour with paint, poetry, photography…

What does colour mean to you? Do you notice colours every day? Do you use the colours you wear to express yourself?

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