The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 2 – Give it Away Now

Today’s challenge is set by Artist, Writer and Speaker Steve Chapman. Since 2017 Steve has been making unique hand cut and handpainted wooden #freeart exhibits that he has left around the world. You can view some of them here.

Today’s challenge invites you to make something beautiful, and then let it go…

Take five to ten minutes to draw, craft, paint, knit, sculpt (etc.) something you think is beautiful. Once you’ve created your item, let it go. Leave it somewhere – anywhere that somebody might find it, love it and adopt it for their own.  

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If you have more time …
Write something on your piece for someone to find. It could be an invitation to take the piece home, a thought, a message or a favourite quote.

How was it to create something and let it go? What’s it like to wonder what happens to it next?

Share online and see what others are up to by posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists. Share your work in a way that suits you – online, on WhatsApp, or by showing your friends, family or colleagues.

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