The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge, Day 10 – Join the Dots

Today’s challenge is set by Sophie, 23 from Kent.

Today we are using something random, to create something new.

‘Join the dots’ to create an image. First, create a random group of dots – you could use a pen to make random dots, or even splash some cold tea onto a page with your hands, or paint with a toothbrush. You might even find a pattern of dots in a photograph or in your surroundings. 

Join the dots to make something appear. You might find a pattern, a creature, a word or a constellation – give it a go and see what you find when you join the dots. 

Here, Sophie has joined some dots to create a pattern.
Because the pattern looks a bit like a parrot – she has designed a
brand new constellation ‘Parrotarius’ – those with this star sign are unique,
free thinking and marching to the beat of their own drum…

If you have more time … 
Find ways to add different colours to your picture. How does it change your creation?

How did you find this challenge? Is it different to make a drawing without a plan?


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