The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 7 – Post-It Possibilities

Today’s challenge is set by siblings Marc, Kara and Mia 17, 15, 13 from Cheshunt.

What can you create with something as small as a Post-It?

Take a Post-It or a small square piece of paper, and have a go at turning it into something new. It could be an origami animal, a tiny piece of street art, a design for a tile or even a cape for a grape…

Marc, Kara and Mia have chosen to play a game where they have to guess the written names (Shrek, dolphin and Brussel sprout!!) on their foreheads. They’ve also made post it moustaches, and a cape for a grape! 

If you have more time …
Can you get someone else do this challenge with you? What could you do with two Post-Its that you couldn’t do with one?

How did you approach this challenge? When you started did you know what the outcome would be?

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