The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 29 – Rewind

Day 29! It’s not long now until #TheJanuaryChallenge finale. Let’s rewind!

Today we want you to look back at the month of challenges so far, and choose the one that you want to have a go at today. You could repeat one that you really enjoyed, or would like to do differently. You might have missed one that you fancy trying! Now’s your chance – do today, your way…

Click here to find a list of all of the challenges so far

Day 1 – Welcome 2020! Here are just some of your responses – search #TheJanuaryChallenge on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to remind yourself of all of the colourful action. Which challenge will you rewind to today?

If you have more time … 
Redo another challenge, but this time get someone else to pick a challenge for you…

Why did you choose this challenge? What was it that made you want to do it again?


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You might simply want to share what the challenge made you think about, or how the experience was for you.