The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 26 – Makes Sense

Today’s challenge is set by Laura, 25, from Huddersfield.

Today we’re thinking about the senses. Sound, touch, taste, smell and sight. If you could create an enjoyable experience for one of your senses, what would it be?

Create a sensory experience to enjoy. What’s a place that speaks to one of your senses? Do you get lost in music on your way to work? Do you love the aromas when you’re making a meal? Do you love the feel of water, or your pet, or gooey slime? Make time to enjoy one of your senses today and find a way to share the experience or feeling. 

“I love the smell of citrus. I don’t have the strongest sense of smell so when I can I really appreciate it. Here’s a DIY orange peel air freshener! 
And I’ve always loved getting soft things together and getting really cosy. Here’s my attempt at a quick sensory den… next time I’ll find a bigger frame so I can fit more stuff in!”  


If you have more time … 
Can you create something that you could keep coming back to? How can you ‘keep’ the experience, or make your creation more permanent?

How did you approach this challenge? How did it feel to celebrate one of your senses? What did it make you notice?


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You might simply want to share what the challenge made you think about, or how the experience was for you.