The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 24 – Take Three

Each challenge is crowdsourced by individuals, teams and communities around the country. Today’s challenge is set by the team at Creation Station.

Three is the magic number…!

Create something using three ‘things’ around you. You might create a meal with three ingredients, a poem with three words, or a tower using three objects. You could get creative with three colours, three photographs, or even three people…

If you have more time … 
Invite someone else to do the challenge too, then compare your creations!

How did you approach this challenge? Was the restriction inspiring or frustrating? What could you do with one more, or one less ‘thing’?


Share online and see what others are up to by posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists. Share your work in a way that suits you – online, on WhatsApp, or by showing your friends, family or colleagues.
You might simply want to share what the challenge made you think about, or how the experience was for you.