The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 18 – Find a Landmark

Today’s challenge is set by the Lowestoft Creative Forum, based at the Marina Theatre.

A landmark helps us find our way. If we’re busy going from place to place it might be the only thing we look up and really notice…

Make a version of your local landmark using any objects you can find. Your landmark might be old, it might be new, natural, man-made, well known or a hidden gem. What makes it recognisable? You could use things you own, things you borrow or things you find to make your landmark. 

Have a go, and see what landmark you can recreate in 10 minutes.

The team at the Marina Theatre made Lowestoft’s wind turbine ‘Gulliver’ – one of the tallest in the UK. They used litter and recycling – old magazines, a flag stick, crisp packets, sugar packets, show flyers and a bin bag! What local landmark can you create with the objects around you?

If you have more time … 
Think about the history of the place you’re in. Can you create something to represent a person, event or important time in local history?

What might have been the landmark moments in the history of your house, town or city?


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